Sabado, Setyembre 29, 2012


As planned, the RRUC just recently concluded the Preparatory Meeting of the Study Group last September 29, 2012 held at Hotel Camila, Pagadian City. The event was conducted in partnership with Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society, Inc. (CBCS).

The Study Group was organized in order to study legal and or technical aspect related to the development of policies on traditional or hybrid methods and mechanisms of resolving conflict.

Apart from the outputs, the group identified key issues such as (1) Strategies on Conflict Prevention, (2) Fiscal Acknowledgement of Settled Rido Cases, (3) Policy on Funds Allocation for the Commissioners, and the (4) Policy on the Security Sectors Participation in Resolving Conflict to be considered by the assembly. These issues are being study and legislate by the members of the Regional Legislative Assembly to strengthen the RRUC. 

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