Miyerkules, Agosto 24, 2016

2nd Regional Development Administration Committee

2nd Regional Development Administration Committee meeting with the Technical Working Group on August 24, 2016 the purpose of agenda is to review the last previous meeting and presentation of 100 days planning target for 2016-2019

Lunes, Agosto 22, 2016

Linggo, Agosto 21, 2016

Rido in Basilan updates

Makkoy Salasal of Lamitan, Basilan allegedly killed by Hasan Lahaman of Bohe-Ibu,Lamitan City, Basilan last July 31, 2016 at Baimbing, Lamitan City,Basilan, ARMM. Personal grudge was the main motive of the killing according to Makkoy Salasal’s relatives.

Lico from Caddayan of Akbar, Basilan, ARMM shot multiple times while resting in his house by unidentified suspect, The motive is rido because 10 years ago the latter allegedly  killed someone and the family of the victim refuse to settle the conflict. 

Huwebes, Agosto 18, 2016

World Humanitarian Day

Regional Reconciliation and Unification Commission employees during the World Humanitarian Day dubbed as “One Humanity-Forces of Resilience Photo exhibit at Shariff Kabunsuan Complex,ORG Compound Cotabato City.

Lunes, Agosto 15, 2016

Final Settlement between the family of Aisa Macrohom and Ramsi Idris

The family of Ramsi Idris did not fulfill the previous agreement, to provide the actual amount of dowry to the family of Aisa Macrohom last January 2016. In order to avoid any skirmishes from both parties  RRUC personnel and Councilor Marvin G. Baisara of Lamitan, Basilan facilitated the settlement ceremony last August 15, 2016 at Zamboanga City. 

Huwebes, Agosto 4, 2016

Leadership Seminar with the theme: JSWP Gearing Towards visionary leadership

Held at Cotabato City State Polytechnic College  and RRUC staff Rasoul Musa  was invited as resource speaker 

Ronald Recardo Catalino vs Roberto Briones Balmes pre-amicable settlement consultation meeting

   After two years of conflict between Ronald Recardo Catalino and Roberto Briones Balmes , the latter decided to end their conflict through amicable settlement. RRUC and OSCC requested the LGU of Parang,Maguindanao for settlement ceremony as soon as possible.

Martes, Agosto 2, 2016