Martes, Mayo 16, 2017

RRUC to hold Unity Dialogue in Basilan

The Regional Reconciliation and Unification Commission of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (RRUC ARMM) is set to conduct Unity Dialogue in the Province of Basilan bearing the theme “Bangsamorong Nagkakaisa, Pamayanang Matatag at Mapayapa” on May 22, 2017 at Farmland Resort and Convention, Isabela City.
RRUC Chairman Romeo K. Sema will spearhead the said dialogue in coordination with the Office of the Regional Governor and Office of the Provincial Governor (Basilan) to discuss mechanism in addressing rido and other internal conflicts that cause disunity among Bangsamoro.
Sema said the dialogue is one of the programs and advocacies of the commission channelled to the regional development plan in the promotion of peace and development in the ARMM.
In an interview with the RRUC Executive Director Abdulbasit R. Benito, he disclosed that ARMM Governor Mujiv S. Hataman will be attending the said dialogue as keynote speaker.
We are expecting more than one hundred participants coming from the different stakeholders including local government officials, security sector, religious leaders as well as MNLF and MILF, said Benito.
The ultimate objective of the dialogue is to set up coordination mechanism to proactively address the problem of rido in the province, Benito added.
The dialogue will also be attended by women, youth, academe, businessmen, civil society organizations (CSO) and other sectors. (RRUC Communications Division)

Biyernes, Mayo 5, 2017

RRUC, PNP and AFP coordinate after tension continues in Datu Odin Sinsuat

The Regional Reconciliation and Unification Commission of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (RRUC-ARMM) coordinated with the Datu Odin Sinsuat Municipal Police Station and 19th Infantry Brigade, PA after tension continued between clashing clans on Wednesday, May 3, 2017.
RRUC Chairman Romeo K. Sema immediately coordinated with Police Chief Inspector AchmadAlibonga, PhD Crim., DPA and Brigade Commander CTC Crizaldo Fernandez, 19th Infantry Batallion after tension continued between Bansawan and Sepi families in Baguainged, Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao.
Brigade Commander Fernandez said the tension started to arise on April 28, 2017 and allegedly related to land dispute and drug trade issues. Because of the tension, thePNP and AFP visibility in the area was strengthened in order to reduce the swelling tension as they serve as the arbitrator.
As an intervention of the commission, RRUC-ARMM is planning to organize conflict management and dialogues between the two clashing parties in order to facilitate settlement in coordination with the PNP, AFP and other concerned agencies.

Miyerkules, Mayo 3, 2017


Regional Reconciliation and Unification Commission of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (RRUC-ARMM) supported the City Musabaqah, a sports and literary competition,on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 held in Kutawato Institute of Technology Foundation Incorporated (KITFI) (KITFI).
The support from the commission was part of its program and advocacy which is the Islamic Values Transformation among the Bangsamoro youth.
The RRUC-ARMM is being spearheaded by the chairman Romeo K. Sema and the executive director Abdulbasit Rajamuda Benito.
Sema said the youth plays a vital role in the society in achieving the lasting peace among Bangsamoro people.
Benito gave emphasis that age is not a hindrance to Islamic literacy, and shared his efforts in continuing to learn Islamic values.
The activity was also supported by the city councillor Sukarno Sema. It was participated by the different Madrasah (Islamic institution) in the city and its neighbouring municipalities.

Lunes, Mayo 1, 2017

2017 Labor Day Celebration

Regional Reconciliation and Unification Commisision joins 2017 Labor Day Celebration "Matatag na Kabuhayan at Trabaho Tungo sa Progresibong Pagbabago".


Lunes, Abril 24, 2017

RRUC Chairman Romeo Sema meets MGen Arnel Dela Vega of 6th Infantry (Kampilan) Division, PA

The Regional Reconciliation and Unification Commission (ARMM) Chairman Romeo Sema paid courtesy to Major General ArnelDela Vega of 6th Infantry (Kampilan) Division, Philippine Army on Monday at the Headquarters in Camp BGen. GH Siongco, Awang.
As part of the commission’s campaign to diminish rido/ feud in the provinces of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Sema introduced the composition of ARMM Coordinating Mechanism for Rido Settlement.
Because of the earnest commitment of the commission as well as the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to resolve rido in the region, coordination was reestablished. Rest assured, the inclusion of the 6th ID to the mechanism was set.
MGenDela Vega said, the 6th ID is ready to take whatever necessary measures in the settlement of rido in the region.
The RRUC will be conducting training on data banking this second week of May 2017 to be participated by the members of the mechanism to develop common data of rido/ feud in the region.

Miyerkules, Abril 19, 2017

JICA sets meeting with RRUC

April 19, 2017 - The Regional Reconciliation and Unification Commission (ARMM) and Japan International Coordination Agency (JICA) conducted meeting on Tuesday.
As an inquiry from the JICA, the meeting has been set to convene in order to discuss the alternative dispute resolution process/ mechanism used by the commission to address rido (family feud) and other internal conflicts in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.
The RRUC Executive Director Abdulbasit Benito discussed after being appointed to head the commission together with the Chairman Romeo Sema, they initiated the creation of ARMM Coordinating Mechanism for Rido Settlement which composed of the line agencies in ARMM, the local government units’ mechanism on conflicts, the security sector and the civil society organizations.
Benito emphasized the commission was created as an advisory body to the regional governor for rido/ family feud in the region and thereby helping the promotion and maintenance of peace and security.
He stressed that the effective way of settling rido is through shuttle mediation where both parties undergo separate dialogues. Which means there is no face to face interaction among feuding parties unless during the settlement and covenant signing where both parties are consensus.
To preclude the reoccurrence of settled rido, Benito also added that the commission only facilitates settlement when requested and where both parties have the interest for settlement.
Aside from settlement, Benito also discussed the programs and activities of the commission such as the series of values transformation training among Bangsamoro youth, peace advocacies and networking and so on.
The meeting was attended by Yuko Dohi, Vanessa Maynard, Misaki Kimura, Mamiko Nakada and Samrah Karon-Patadon from JICA.

Biyernes, Marso 17, 2017


In celebration of Bangsamoro Peace of Week the Regional Reconciliation and Unification Commission ARMM conducted the Bangsamoro Youth Peace Awareness Forum with the theme dubbed as "Revisiting the Past, Continuing the Cause". The said activity participated by different organization in Cotabato City and Maguindanao.

Linggo, Marso 12, 2017


Message of Chairman Romeo K. Sema

Before anything else ladies and gentlemen, allow me to greet everyone with our universal greeting of PEACE . . . Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuho(Peace be upon all of us).

Starting yesterday, March 12 onward is a Week of Peace for the Bangsamoro. And you may have asked yourselves what is there for me to celebrate or commemorate in this week of peace. How does this week differs with the other weeks of the different months of the year? And we called it a Bangsamoro week of Peace, when these dates come every 12th to 18th days of March of every year, and this year is the 6th year. For this year, we coined a “Theme: Bangsamoro, Revisiting the Past, Continuing the Cause.”

For a particular Bangsamoro or any other person for that matter, the theme of this event explains what this activity today is all about. This is about our long desire for Peace. Our theme suggests that we have to revisit or back track a little in our history in this part of the globe, carefully study it, recognize it for us to understand the current condition or situation, and in order for us to continue the right struggle towards a right direction for Peace. Hence, every year’s event of this kind would be a resolve and a peaceful expression of our long experiences of historical injustices.

It is only by revisiting and recognizing the past or our history that we may be able to understand the present condition that we can move on to achieve lasting and genuine peace.

Our history tells us that injustices were committed against the Bangsamoro. And even without elaborating these various injustices committed against the Bangsamoro, these are already an established reality, verbally acknowledged and written in the history of our nation. But to give emphasis to some for us to remember it well and to have it recurring in our memory in the course of time, I will mention few among them.

The usurpation of our independence as a sovereign nation is a major injustice committed by an oppressor against us. The Jabiddah Massacre, and other massacres that triggered our assertion for freedom and the turning point of our struggle for our right to self-determination, the grabbing of our homelands and the deceptions done through imposition of policies against our will, culture and traditions are among the injustices that can never be forgotten.  These sort of things only fuel our strong stance to continue the cause. Despite the ups and downs and the rugged roads to peace and freedom, the Bangsamoro have no choice but to continue cause for a noble objective for freedom to choose our political, economic and social status in the communities of nations.

What then is the significance of this week of peace for the Bangsamoro? When we reminisce our past, we’ve fully understood and known well the glory that our forefathers had experienced and enjoyed in this Bangsamoro homeland and nation. But ours was also a cloudy past of pain and injustices, which I earlier mentioned some. But our people of today’s generation have, more or less, understood more fully the complexities of Bangsamoro question and have in our midst a define direction for peace. 

Our people and the world has already recognized the historical injustices committed against the Bangsamoro. The present status or condition is the vigorous efforts of correcting that historical injustices through the continuing peace processes in two tracks. First is the Implementation of the gainst of Bangsamoro struggle, the Peace Agreements through the united moro fronts in the Convergence Approach of the peace process.  Second is the looming attempt of this government under President Duterte to change the constitution as a solution to the Bangsamoro question through Federalism. The present administration is so vocal in recognizing the historical injustices committed against the Bangsamoro. And this give us more enthusiasm to go on continuing our aspiration for freedom and assertion of our right to self-determination.  
In whatever tracks, the Bangsamoro could not have other choice but go to peace as the ultimate objective of every nation and the world. Peace is everybody’s dream. It is everyone’s concerns and responsibility.  Let give peace a chance and let it be the language in every heart of the Bangsamoro. Long live Bangsamoro! Long live the martyrs. Insha Allah, WE WILL SUCCEED!. Let us continue the cause and end with PEACE in our hearts.

Happy Week of Peace. Wassalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuho…

Sectorial Consultation on Peace and Security

March 12, 2017 - TESDA Director General Guiling "Gene" Mamondiong and RRUC Chairman Datu Romeo K. Sema exchange views during the sectoral consultation on peace and security held at Noramis function, Marawi City.The said initiative was under the CRDA-PRRD of Technical Education Skills Development Authority in partnership with ARMM ,Region 10,11 and 12.

Miyerkules, Enero 4, 2017

IAG and CHD build partnership with RRUC ARMM for research

IAG and CHD build partnership with RRUC ARMM for research

COTABATO CITY – The Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG) and the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (CHD) set meeting with the RRUC Chair Romeo Sema and Executive Director Abdulbasit Benito on Wednesday to build partnership for the conduct of their empirical research on extremism and radicalization among youth ages 18 to 25 in Muslim Mindanao.

The study aims to identify the push and pull factors that influence youth to engage in violence as result of the radicalization and extremism. This also aims to include the participation of Ulama to give conceptual framework through Islamic Approach. The study will make use of survey questionnaires, focus group discussions and case studies (key informant interviews) as tools while the four provinces in ARMM such as Maguindanao, Lanao Sur, Basilan and Sulu are the locale of the study.

As asked by the research team the factors affecting youth to engage in violence, Chairman Sema said: “The information given by the internet might be crucial, as such, the youth interprets by themselves that mislead them to extremism. And most of all is the frustration of everyone to the failure of the implementation of the peace agreements”, he said.

The research team is composed of Moner Bajunaid (consultant) and Iona Jalijali (project manager) from CHD and Atty. Benedicto Bacana (executive director) and Noor Saada (consultant) from IAG.